Property Sale
Natural person:
• Photocopy of the B I/citizen card;
• Photocopy of taxpayer card (of all owners and their spouses).
Company: (If the seller is a company)
• Photocopy of the commercial certificate (valid for less than 6 months or the code of the permanent certificate);
• Identification of the person who has the power to sign.
• Building book issued by the Division of finance where the property is registered (with a date less than 1 year);
• License to use the property issued by the City Council (it is not necessary if the building is prior to 1951);
• Property plans;
• Information copy of the building registry (with a date of less than 1 year);
• Energy certificate;
• Technical Data Sheet (only for real estate after 2004).
The presentation of a property is of utmost importance for the sale of it.

The customer who will buy the property must feel well within it, this will make the interest greater and that they do not find arguments to lower the price.

For this the owner must:


  • Have the property clean and tidy;
  • Ensure that there are no bad smells;
  • The property must be airy, not too cold, nor too hot;
  • Have the property always well lit: all blinds raised and lights all lit;
  • Have all doors open;
  • Remove any objects susceptible to personal, moral, religious or political convictions;
  • Have few people in the property. A division with a good area will always look smaller as the number of visitors increases.

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