Buying property
The process of buying a property goes through several steps:
1. Determine your budget;
2. Know your needs (typology, location...);
3. Select with the help of the real estate consultant the properties to visit;
4. Make visits to the properties with the consultant to get to know all the characteristics of the property;
5. Select the property you like best and which is in accordance with your interests;
6. Formalize and fill all the reservation documents of the property so that it is withdrawn from sale;
7. Collect all the necessary documentation for the purchase of the property and for the bank loan (if necessary);
8. Formalize and approve the financing (if necessary);
9. Conclude the contract of purchase and sale and mark the deed;
10. Deed.
-Photocopy of the identification document (C. C/Passport) and taxpayer.
-Supporting documentation of loans *;
-IRS settlement Note and last IRS *;
-Three final salary receipts and employer's letter *;
-Photocopies of extracts from all accounts (last three months) *.
* Documents required for bank lending.
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